Although things are not much better here in San Diego – national chains dominate – Detroit’s “Best Of” leaves much to be desired, food-wise. Here are some highlights:

Best Italian: Olive Garden (Christ. That’s all. Just Christ.)
Best All-Around American: Big Boy (Come on, Big Boy stopped being even passable as good when I was a teen…that was 20 years ago!)
Best Pizza: Papa Romano’s (At least they’re local gross pizza, I suppose.)
Best Seafood: Red Lobster came in 2nd (They shouldn’t even be on the list!!!)
Best Ice Cream: Dairy Queen (What?!?!? I’ve never tasted vanilla that was so not vanilla in my life!)

There were decent non-chain picks on the list, most of which I haven’t tried in the years I’ve been gone. What really gets me, though, is that there are literally hundreds of Italian joints all over the Detroit area and Detroit News readers picked the fucking Olive Garden. Do they realize that they don’t really go to “Olive Garden School” in Italy and that everything is basically boil-in-bag shit? I’m absolutely confounded and perplexed.

But then, everyone here in super-affluent North County San Diego thinks that the Mexican food here is the best in the world (it isn’t…) and that an establishment called Bellefleur that serves…um, Italian food…is great. I’m immediately put-off by the fact that a French-named restaurant serves Italian food. I won’t even step into an establishment that seems that confused.


Anyone want some In-N-Out burgers?