David BazanI still don’t really know who David Bazan is. I do have to say I like his beard, though.

I’d first heard of him from a friend of mine, Tim, who seems to have an undying love for (and, in turn, a frustrating relationship with) said Mr. Bazan. Pedro the Lion was his band at a point some years ago. Again, the only thing I recall is seeing the band’s moniker emblazoned across a flyer for the long defunct downtown Detroit showspace/cafe, IO.

I may know only a little about the man, but I’m guessing he is probably the perfect embodiment of faith in America today. David seems stuck in the push and pull that is God. I can identify with his recent statements regarding a different David Bazan that wrote “Secret of the Easy Yoke,” a song I’ve never heard. For a more descriptive snippet, read this blog entry. It was the MySpace bulletin that Tim posted that got me to think more about Mr. Bazan and where I stand currently regarding faith and the ever-present mystery of such things.

It seems to me that David Bazan is a thinker. I know that, often, thinkers might be looped into the realm of unbelievers, but I think that’s giving David the short shrift. I’m on hiatus from the God thinking because it was taking a turn towards realms I didn’t want to think about. I’d started to see Christianity traipsing toward the underbelly of indie thinking, giving birth to cheesy Jesus hippies. I already thought that the hippies I knew, unbelievers mostly, were on the right track. I didn’t need to know about hippies who travel around, holding their hands to the sky. Why not just get on your knees and kiss the earth? Or, play the drums like the dirty pagan hippies do?

To merely believe is not to enact or to empower. To merely believe or to merely have faith is to simplify things.

So, who the hell is David Bazan? I think he just might be a prophet for a new age of believers who test their faith constantly and who sometimes drift away to maintain their sanity.

But then, what do I know? I’ve only just met him.