I’ve been a lazy ass for the last two months. Yes, I know it. I’m not oblivious to my own transgressions against all that is productive and artful.

In a lot of ways, I tend to be a bit deficient of the attention required to finish entire projects. To remedy this, however, I’ve come up with a brilliant solution: lists! Truly, I think all the time. I mean all the time. It’s just that I always want to expand my minute thoughts into behemoths of time and language which, eventually, means my own artistic suicide. The quick answer to bring my level of production up, I decided, was to form short lists every few days of what’s been swimming in the pool of flotsam and jetsam within my brain. The lists, hopefully, will convey the cool and not-so-cool things I’ve pondered to you, my fair readers. With respect to time conservation, why don’t we begin, eh?

Listen to my List ‘n’ Stuff, 1/11/2008

1. The Bryant Park Project – Ever since jumping on the Sirius bandwagon just prior to Christmas, I’ve become the biggest fan of the best NPR news program you’ve probably never heard: The Bryant Park Project. Hosted initially by both Alison Stewart and Luke Burbank but now hosted solely by Alison and guest-hosts (such as her husband, Bill Wolff) with news updates provided by Rachel Martin. Already having been a fan of most NPR news programs, The BPP is a refreshing take on the everyday blahs. The show is both humorous and newsworthy – sort of like The Daily Show but less funny and a little more newsworthy. It’s obvious that the target audience is me, which is to say: urban thirty-something intellectuals that may or may not be slackers. Check it out online when you’ve got the time!

2. 2:30am on Wednesday Mornings – I love this hour on this day every week. For what it means is that my work week is exactly half over and it’s all downhill from there.

3. Barack ObamaBarack Obama is basically America’s last, viable (that word right there, my friends, is key) hope before bottoming out as a third-world country. I really hope that he out paces Hillary and heads up against one of the motley Republican crew in this year’s presidential elections. I’m not a Hillary hater, mind you, but she’s just a bit too tainted by the government rigmarole and the almighty corporate barbed hooks.

4. Recession Jokes – I love recession jokes like, “We’re trying to head off the impending recession” or “All the economic factors show that we’re heading for a recession.” I get a good hearty laugh out of those jokes because, for my dollar, we’re already in a recession!

5. Lupe FiascoLupe Fiasco just seems like a really cool, smart, young man. Wow, I think I sounded like an old man right there. Either way, I have yet to listen to his latest release, especially after finding out that the inspiration for the title, The Cool, came from Dr. Cornel West. Have I mentioned how much I admire and idolize the honorable Dr. West?