As noted here. When my band played Buffalo this past July we ventured past a punk house while a show was in process (The Death Trap). We missed the first band but managed to catch a fantastic set by Athen’s Nana Grizol. It just so happened that the band we missed was also from Detroit. Even more coincidently, like me, one of the members used to work at Record Time. In any regard, I gave the band a listen a few weeks back and haven’t stopped browsing to their MP3s since.

Traffic & Weather at the Mall
They’re name is Traffic & Weather (MySpace). They sound like a “best of” mid-nineties punk/indie. A blend of Hot Water Music, Fugazi (their drummer even resembles Brendan Canty in the above photo), and Dillinger Four with socially apt lyrics from a suburb to city transplant (at least that’s this suburb to city transplants interpretation).

When you get a chance navigate over to their MySpace and give ‘em a listen. And if two coincidences in one entry isn’t enough, they’re playing this Friday (Jan. 18th) at The Big Gray Shack (Detroit) with Abaddon and Signs of Collapse.