Harvey Danger formed in 1992 in Seattle, WA. Yeah, that puts them one year after “punk broke.” Yet they didn’t get the national exposure shared by their cohorts until 1998. That year HD’s single Flagpole Sitta peeked at number three on Billboard’s Modern Rock chart (you’ve heard the song, trust me).

How to Stay Alive In the Woods

Flash to July 13, 2007 and to the opposite side of the US, where a young Vermont band is doing the most spot-on rendition of Harvey Danger’s mega-hit that I’ve ever seen. Prior to this set ending cover, the Franklin County band How to Stay Alive In the Woods (named after the Bradford Angier manual) pounded through a dozen or so songs that could rival any pop chart topper. And those were their originals.

The band is in the midst of recording. Check ‘em out.