The good, the bad, the ugly according to me:

1. Fugazi – Just because their music has been vital for two decades strong and nary a band can come close to their utter brilliance. To you, Fugazi, I say: Thanks.

2. Patrick O’Connell – I’m inspired by Patrick O’Connell because he takes genuine American cooking to another level. While many cooks and chefs search elsewhere, such as Asia and Europe, for culinary inspiration, Patrick has brought refined cuisine, American style, to the forefront. From his hearty, traditional macaroni and cheese (from this book) to his scrumptious-looking upside down apple tart, his creations scream AMERICA before the dawn of the processed-food revolution of the 50′s.

3. Air America – Having lost its relevancy, oh, about two years ago, all I have to say is this: leave it to goofy liberals with ADD to trash a perfectly great idea. Yeah, nice try, but you idiots gave Limbaugh and O’Reilly more ammo to shoot at us with. Damn you! Are there no liberal media moguls with a conservative business sense? Come on!

4. Southern California Caricature - There are a bunch of peter pans here in SoCal that sound like Keanu Reeves a la Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Why?

5. Hard Luck Lounge – I am not beneath promoting my friends’ art or businesses simply because they all deserve some attention. And attention, my friends, is what Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan’s Hard Luck Lounge has been getting. From the Detroit News to the recent Free Press article, there’s a huge buzz coursing through Detroit and, just because I know the owners and their commitment to their bar, it’s well deserved. Congratulations go out to Natalie and Mike for their newest success. I cannot wait to stop in later this year when we finally come fucking home.