It’s great when a band feels a subway car is as suitable a venue as a stage. And it’s fantastic when that same band has a member who’s primary instrument is the hand saw.

Frontier Ruckus at Farmhouse Fest

Frontier Ruckus (MySpace) has been steadily gaining prominent favor in the much written about Michigan folk scene (ever heard the terms “Northern Rock” or “Lighthouse Rock”?). Other than a saw and banjo the band takes the stage with a typical bass, drums, and guitar makeup. Still, they share more of the traditional melodies and “ol’ country” affectedness of Chris Bathgate than they share the “rockin’ out” of Great Lakes Myth Society. Another nod to preservation are songs that wander into 6-7 minutes ala Guthrie’s live performances or folk alumni like the Almanac Singers.

Frontier’ recently signed with Quite Scientific Records and are working on The Orion Songbook (a very Sufjanesque described concept album) which when released, will be their first LP.