American Mars Western Sides CD ReleaseThe fantastic Detroit based Americana band American Mars are having their CD release for their new album Western Sides next Friday (Feb. 1st) at the ‘Stick. Also playing is Friendly Foes, Darling Imperial, and Dan John Miller.

There’s probably a lot of other things going on this weekend and the next but unfortunately nearly every band and venue has steadily become reliant on using MySpace exclusively. And MySpace is impossible to check at my prime browsing hours (and a lot of other individuals) of 9AM-5PM. You see, my workplace blocks MySpace (a lot of workplaces and schools do) through proxy rules and the only way to get a MySpace profile up is to check the always outdated Google cache or to browse through an anonymous proxy. The latter is against company policy (and usually slow/broken), and frankly, I’m not about to risk getting fired to check your calendar. I’m also not going to check all your home pages, Virb profiles, Facebook profiles, etc…

MySpace is Stupid
Photo licensed under CC courtesy of Stillframe.

In other words, if you want me and a ton of other people to even be able to look at your show listings, you better post them beyond MySpace. May I suggest It’s simple, free, and you probably already have a user account (Yahoo acquired them long ago). The cool thing about is that they syndicate content through RSS and iCal feeds ( does this as well). With an iCal feed anyone with a Google Calendar can add your events to their calendar, thus never forgetting about a show again.

EDIT: Tourfilter is attempting to remedy this show listing problem but they’ve got a long way to go. Not to mention, I’m not sure if a fully automated model is the winning solution. A few direct human posts won’t kill ya’ guys.

EDIT: I just found out Scarlet Oaks is performing at Lager House the same night as American Mars’s CD Release (this information doesn’t exist on either the band or venues “real” website, only MySpace, what-a-joke). I digress, I really wish there wasn’t two great folky/Americana bands playing at opposing venues that night. My suggestion is for Friendly Foes to switch with Scarlet Oaks. Come on guys/gal, you have no trouble getting great shows in Detroit and have recently been mentioned in CMJ and Pitchfork. Scarlet’ fits and needs the help more. Of course, I could just wait until Feb. 15th when AM and SO are sharing a bill… in Milford? Never mind… ;)