The goodly and the badly.

1. Pointing Fingers – Economists are scrambling trying to figure out what’s to blame for the recession that just crept up out of the harbor to attack New York. You know Cloverfield is just metaphor for our economy, right? And, no, I haven’t seen it, so don’t say anything. Anyway, economists have crawled from their offices full of adding machines to explain the recession. Here’s a solution: pay me and I’ll tell America. Here are the reasons, as told by a common man:

  1. September 11th. Politicians use it. Businesses use it. They’ve been screwing us since before the dust settled.
  2. Gas prices. Gas goes up, prices for goods go up, wages don’t. Wages don’t go up? We don’t spend. Hence, recession.
  3. NAFTA. Yes, Clinton’s NAFTA. Jobs go away to foreign countries? We don’t spend money. Hence, recession. You can ask just about anyone in Detroit about this one.
  4. Credit card parties. Remember when it was exciting to get a credit card offer and you signed your name to the bottom line to get one that had a $2,000 limit on it? Didn’t realize that sucker would take down the economy did you?
  5. Housing scams. No, not the dude who says he’ll buy your house before foreclosure. That guy’s just a jackass. No, I’m talking about Countrywide and the likes of them. They made you believe you could afford the McMansion you bought and now we’re all paying for it.
  6. Bush. Yeah, him again with his Iraq stuff. War is never good for an economy, especially a war that doesn’t really accomplish anything aside from boosting the bottom line for defense companies and contractors.

2. That Guy – Yeah, I’m talking about the guy that posted “Detroit is the best kept secret in the world” in the DetroitYes forums. Someone give that guy a beer, eh?

3. Planning – I’m all about planning right now. I like what the future holds in the fantasies of my brain. Now, only if I can gain the momentum to actually make things happen.

4. 30 Sexy DaysTrailer Park Boys trailer. In the immortal words of Stan Lee, ‘nuf said.

5. Christian Scott – When I was a mulleted metal-head kid (yeah, that’s me on the left circa 1988), I hated jazz. I think it was because I was young and didn’t understand jazz and its place in American culture. Being from Detroit, it wouldn’t be long before I was more exposed to it. That exposure came in the form of Ed Love. Ed Love alone opened my eyes to a whole new world and to a deeper cultural understanding of Detroit itself. I had no idea that jazz could be amazing as it was and certainly still is. There are still evenings during the week when my family sits down to eat dinner and I stream Ed Love’s program. It puts me in a place that I cannot normally sit on my own. Last year I was exposed through Tavis Smiley’s PBS program to Christian Scott, a phenomenal young trumpeter. His newest release, Anthem, displays clearly his penchant for remaining true to his jazz roots while branching out into territories of nu-jazz without ever sacrificing quality as so many artists have within nu-jazz. His CD hasn’t left my car since I bought it. Christian Scott has managed to pack not only expert musicianship, but also high emotion into his compositions. I lose myself often while listening deep to the tracks on Anthem. Very few albums or artists do that to me.