Bueno y no bueno.

1. 1/18/08Wow: not wholly original, with deep nods to The Blair Witch Project, classic sci-fi horror, and Japanese Kaiju, but still a pulse-pounding nail-biter. A perfect way to spend an otherwise boring Sunday afternoon.

2. Brand New Bag – I can pretty much trace most facets of my personality to three things: 1) The Lord of the Rings, 2) Kiss, and 3) The Cosby Show (Two of the three remain favorites – you guess which two…). The latter produced my always-growing love for jazz and my on-and-off again obsession with James Brown. From the doo-wop of his early days to the ass-shakin’ funk of the rest of his days, James Brown was always a man of soul – and the consummate showman. Lately, I’ve been digesting James Brown: 50th Anniversary Collection and I cannot get the songs out of my head. They make me want to dance like I have ants in my pants. James Brown is indeed a god, if not God himself!

3. Jury Duty Sucks – Yeah. That’s about all for that – I may have stories after tomorrow.

4. Work – I recently listened to a conversation I believe was on NPR, but I’m not entirely sure of the source. The name of Philip Levine was dropped along with an appended brief description of his work which, in turn, prompted me to request a collection of his poems from my local library. You see, Philip Levine is from Detroit and, at one point before moving on to California, wrote stripped down poetry about working on the line for the Big Three. His poetry affects me deeply, not because I can identify with working on the line, but because he captures the flavor, bitterness, and pride of Detroit to a perfect T, especially with his “What Work Is.” His style, too, while seemingly disjointed, made for an easy read and set the perfect tone for the gritty subject matter. Consequently, I ended up running into a very interesting, recently-published article at the Metro Mode website about the thriving writing scene in Detroit. That makes me glad.

5. Dumbass – Speaking of Detroit, what the hell was Kwame Kilpatrick thinking? Doesn’t he have enough on his mind than to go around looking for a side of nookie and using city resources to do it? Where’s Mayor Archer when you need him? Since so many of the city’s rules are broken anyway, why not just get Archer back in the mayor’s seat so that Detroit can fully realize its renaissance?!? Jesus.