Midtown Lofts
Photo courtesy of Detroit Free Press.

I’ve learned a few things in my time away from Detroit. One of those things is that a societal and cultural turn-around within a city (hell, within a country…) is not possible without a revolution in food quality, sourcing, and availability. It seems as though Cindy Warner and Zaccaro’s Market, a Michigan-based specialty food store, has seen fit to plan the opening of what amounts to Detroit’s first tried and true gourmet market ever – right smack on Woodward in the Midtown area. I first became aware of this last week while perusing the DetroitYes message boards. While some skeptics horned-off their dissonance, most people seemed overly joyed by the idea. Then, Cindy herself made her presence known on the board and has requested ideas from everyone as to how they should gear the store! Novel concept! This is an excerpt of what she had to say most recently:

As far as product….we have gone out of our way to have Made in Michigan and Made in Detroit products….we hunt them down far and wide and encourage new food entrepreneurs to contact us so we can provide retail space to help them succeed. If you have specific Made in Michigan or Detroit products that excite you, let me know so I can ensure our chefs have them on our inventory listing!

We do have an open kitchen in the store, that will present cooking classes regularily and once we get our full liquor license we will do frequent wine tasting and wine/food pairings.

I am planning another locals forum (we have done a small one previously) in the next few weeks so that you can some and meet our key chefs and sommalier. At that time we will also present our menu and inventory and ask for your honest critique. I will let you know the date and location but it appears it is either 2/19, 20 or 21 and will likely be at the Whitney if Bud had the space. I would LOVE for all of you to come.

As for being a LOCAL…I am moving from my condo to Midtown to be a LOCAL and I spend every day during the week in Midtown at Union Station, Atlas, Traffic Jam or others…..

This, to me, says that a cementing of Detroit’s revolution is in process. Food always brings about the necessary changes that down-trodden areas need to come back and for someone to believe in Detroit so deeply that this is happening is a confidence in the future of a first-rate city. I can’t wait to come home.