For the past two years I’ve skipped attempting to make a year end music list. Usually in November I create a [year in question] “smart play list” on my iPod in hopes to shake a dozen or so releases out of the pack. But here’s the problem; a quick glance over at my mp3 player reveals the current track of my 2007 play list to be number “7 of 2591.” No matter how vigilant or decisive I try to be, when considering the amount of music I listen to, the creation of any year end list becomes a daunting, and time sucking process. So, here’s my quick (don’t want to think too much about it) list in no particular order (that’s how lazy I am):

Adrian Orange & her BandAdrian Orange & Her BandAdrian Orange & Her Band

Pitchfork gave this a 3.8. Yes, the guy has an (heavily) acquired voice. Yes, the entire album seems rushed and given little thought. But that’s the magic with most of Calvin’s signings.

avettemotion.jpgThe Avett BrothersEmotionalism

Ever since their 2006 EP The Gleam I’ve been in love with this band. Emotionalism is alt-country / folk-rock (blah blah blah) at it’s finest.

devendra.jpgDevendra BanhartSmokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon

It’s got all the makings of a good 1966 psychedelic record.

imageDr. DogWe All Belong

Read my review.

georgie-james-lp.jpgGeorgie JamesPlaces

Ex-Q and Not U project that sounds nothing like Q and Not U. For some reason this LP hasn’t gotten any mentions on any lists I’ve read.

iron-wine-shepherds-dog.jpgIron & WineThe Shepherd’s Dog

It’s made every year end list. Usually dominating the top spot. The Shepherd’s Dog really is that good.

matttpondlastlight.jpgMatt Pond PALast Light

It’s a pop album. The most straightforward pop album Matt Pond PA has ever put out. And that means great songs to sing along to.

modmouse-dead.jpgModest MouseWe Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank

They’ve gotten snubbed every year since signing to a major. It’s nothing new for elitists to abandon what they once loved because the varsity quarterback is singing along to it. Now matter, this album is really good.

skybluesky.jpgWilcoSky Blue Sky

It’s black or white with this one. Either you hate it or you love it. I really really love it. Which is surprising to me. Parts of this album are sorta MMW. Other parts, standard Wilco. Overall, it has a free jazz vibe. I would have never imagined loving the combination of free jazz and Wilco, but it works. Damn you Tweedy!

Albums with not enough impact for a paragraph (in which I found myself playing a few times over):

Chris BathgateA Cork Tale Wake
Band of HorsesCease to Begin
The SadiesNew Seasons
Saturday Looks Good To MeFill Up The Room

Bits of disappointment. Maybe it was my own expectations, maybe it was under achievement, who knows?

New PornographersChallengers
Okkervil RiverThe Stage Names

(Yet I’m still going to the Crofoot on April 10th.)

Feel free to post all the releases I’ve missed in the comments section.