My now wife (then girlfriend) and I moved from our parents homes to the Cass Corridor back in ’97. Our first apartment was called Forest Arms (located on the SW corner of Forest and Second). It (like most Corridor buildings) was ancient by American standards. We lived in the building for two years and the time we spent there is held near to our hearts. First time away from the nest, ya’ know?

Photo courtesy of Detroit Free Press.

I am deeply saddened to find that early this morning Forest Arms caught fire. Two people were injured and one is presumed dead. The building did sustain damage. I can only hope the injuries will heal and that the damage isn’t severe enough to side with demolition over repair.


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We lived in apartment #409. It was on the top floor furthest to the right on the inside center section. One of the photographs on dETROITfUNK shows that specific apartment is now, in essence, gone. There was a violinist named Julio that used to live one door down from us. It’s speculated that’s where the blaze began.