The Democracy

This one is short and sweet. And it’s probably going to lose me some “scene points” (don’t worry, my cache is big enough to rebound).

My spirit of fairness is strong. Take for instance booking a local show. Often, not only will my band and I spend more time/money promoting and organizing than any other on the bill but (inevitably due to the former) we’ll have more wallet reaching individuals coming through the door in the end. Still, as the night dawns, our respect for democracy prevails and everyone receives an even count of bills and coins. It’s not a huge deal. The amount of cash on average isn’t spectacular. And I don’t mind this democratic distribution one bit. Plus, chances are the old adage “what goes around comes around” will even the score when we play off home base.

What bugs me is when a fellow local requires a guarantee. With democratic responsibility and sharing there’s no need for a guarantee. In my view, this action relieves some responsibility. Why work hard promoting an event that you’re already pulling money from? Sure, money isn’t everything at an indie show (often times it’s not anything). But what else does a guarantee imply to your bill mates? If you can’t guarantee you’ll pull enough to cover you’re own expenses from a local show, maybe you’re not big enough to make a guarantee in the first place.

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