This white cellulose covered hard drive must love it some Britt Daniel! Nearly 4000 songs and my iPod has played three Spoon albums (two in a row) today.

Tonight, Sh! is heading to the other peninsula. We have a show tomorrow but want to cut down on exhaustion by leaving early, driving far, and sleeping well (i.e. long). Like every other weekend, there’s a ton of stuff going on in Detroit. Few are heeding my demands. Therefore I’m forgoing recommendations.

I just spent the best part of an hour reading select entires from Daniel Johnson’s two blogs (former Judah Johnson frontman). That guy can write. That’s one thing I can recommend. This weekend, read Daniel’s Fone Culture, Travels Travails, and Wingstroke.

Alright, wish us luck. Hopefully we won’t run into this kind of crap.