Pretty good, pretty bad, pretty nothing:

1. Detroit Needs A Better PR Person – Last week, as I was listening to NPR I realized that the voice I was hearing belonged to one Quinn Klinefelter. Yes, his voice is that distinguishable from all the other public radio reporters. The topic: 1 in 100 Americans is incarcerated. This number is staggeringly high. Of course, Detroit has been cited as one of the hardest hit cities in America, falling prey to the crime that is rooted in institutional poverty. I think this stat, though, has more to say about the nation’s laws as opposed to the amount of people deserving incarceration. Call me nuts, but I think that so many of our consensual crime laws (especially for marijuana or prostitution) are utterly ridiculous and end up being a waste of time and money, not to mention a waste of a person’s livelihood. Following this story was a short bumper on the Kwame Kilpatrick scandal. Lovely. Detroit, you need to check out other PR firms. distinguishable from many of the other public radio reporters. Then I zeroed in on the

2. Bush Again? – Come on Senator Clinton. Seriously? Really?

3. Martha Mostly Good – Anyone remember No Reservations hitting the theaters last year? Didn’t think so. I was reasonably interested in the movie for the restaurant setting and the cooking action during the film. Delphina saw it and said it was cute. I never saw it and still haven’t seen it. By doing some research on Netflix I found out that No Reservations is actually based on a German film titled Mostly Martha. I did see that film and it turned out to be good. I like hammy movies like this – nothing serious, romantic (a la You’ve Got Mail). Let’s call it a chink in my armor, if you will. If you’re a foodie like I am and fall into said sappy category (yes, Mary, I’m talking straight to you), you should rent it. Oh, and you shouldn’t mind subtitles, too.

4. Common Man – The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines populism as the belief in the rights, wisdom, or virtues of the common people. On last week’s Bill Moyers Journal, Nell Irvin Painter spoke about the Populist movement of the late 19th century and its relevance today. What struck me the most about what she had to say was that, basically, our country is consumer driven – as a whole, we are a consumerist republic. Which, of course, is why President Bush thinks that giving us some money to “stimulate the economy” is a good idea. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be using my rebate toward good purposes (read: moving), but what does this do for the long term? Nothing really. What needs to happen is a quick erosion of what Nell Painter called “the disparity of wealth.” I’m not even really sure that any of the current or past Democratic candidates truly understand what populism is and how urgent it is that we get back to those ideals.

5. Casimir Pulaski Day – Yep, it’s a real day and not just a song, people. Hell, Chicago area schools are even closed in celebration! It actually rides on the traditional Catholic saint day for Saint Casimir, which is today (while Casimir Pulaski Day is the Monday of…). Want to know what I did to celebrate? I ate Polish kielbasa, pierogie, and sauerkraut. Hell yeah.