Saffron Potato and Bean SoupCalling all vegetarians and vegans! Here it is! Finally, I am posting photos of a dinner I made that is meatless! No bacon! No pork! No meat!

This evening after putting on a mixed bag of The Evens songs, I got to work. Earlier in the day I was at a loss as to what I was going to make for dinner tonight. Not feeling particularly spry, I thought it might just come down to leftovers maybe and, even worse, boxed food (albeit Trader Joe’s boxed food, which doesn’t have the funk in it). I dropped off Kim at work at which point the ring ring ring of my cell caught my attention. It was Hero, my youngest daughter, who yarned on about how she wanted potato soup. Good idea, kid. I had the potatoes already at home and only needed a few more things. Of course, I could’ve just run with my normal baked potato soup, which is good, but I was actually, despite my lethargy, starting to feel like I should cook creatively tonight. And cook I did, indeed.

As Ian MacKaye crooned away on “All These Governors,” I began. Onion, garlic, pimentón, olive oil, saffron, canned chopped tomatoes, and Spanish white wine – the base for the soup. After reducing by half, vegetable stock and diced potatoes – in the pot. Brought the ingredients to a boil and lowered to simmer until tender. Puréed the soup, strained the purée, warmed the strained base, added a few more splashes of wine, a little water, salt and pepper, and enough of the chunky purée (not all of it – it would be too thick, then) to make the whole thing smooth and velvety. As the great northern beans were added, I boogied to “Everybody Knows.” The best line in that song: Ian MacKaye yelling, “You’re fired!”

Served with a garnish of fresh parsley and a flavorful, hearty bread, and a glass of that wine I used – you can’t go wrong.