According to some readers, I’ve been a bit too lax in my Blowout coverage so far. As in, I haven’t done any.

I’ve seen some good and some repulsive sets. My highlight so far was the Silent Years on opening night. I, Crime and Eons also had great sets. I liked seeing Rodrigo and Arun back together. Actually, last time I saw their old band Remainder was at the ‘Stick. Rodrigo wasn’t ironically mustachioed then. But he was adorned in a Boston t-shirt. Ah, memories.

Blowout is always fascinating to me. It’s the only time of year where the ultra-literate folksies, ├╝ber-clad metal heads, spectacle-scarfed snobs, clueless rock journalists, garage cokers, and Derek Jendza stand side-by-side in their respected socially-inept circles. It’s humorous and makes an incomparable resource for voyeurism. Or if you’re R. Crumb… I digress, even if you’re not into music. Go hangout in Hamtramck during the festivities. It’ll be worth you’re time, promise.