The Commitments1. Six Degrees of Separation - As I visited with Adam and Sarah from Murder By Death last week, I learned something new and utterly strange. They are both fans of my pizza dough recipe – which is not the strange part. Apparently, though, this was brought up on their tour with Flogging Molly. Now one of the guys, I’m not sure which, in Flogging Molly has my crust recipe. How nuts is that?

2. Was That A Rat? - More proof that when you have too much money, the chances of going insane increase exponentially: On the way to Hero’s school on a chilly morning last week, I saw a woman walking at a very fast pace along the road. She was walking a very small dog that may have well as been a rat. You know, she looked like a kook – all peach sweat suit, rat-for-a-dog, bad plastic surgery. She was walking so fast that I wasn’t sure if I should make my turn toward the school, so I didn’t – I didn’t want to hit the lady, of course. This confused her, apparently, and she didn’t know what to do. So, she shook her fucking finger at me like I did something wrong. WHAT?!?!

3. Cause and Effect – Is there enough evidence out there that when politicians take up a “fight” against some vice that they’re actually the ones participating in that vice?

4. Virgin – Yeah, I was a whiskey virgin until last night. Man, I think I love Jameson Whiskey. I didn’t get drunk, mind you, but a shot was more akin to a wallop of a pint of ale. Yeeeeeeah!

5. I’m Black and I’m Proud – Have you ever seen The Commitments? No? Then you should. It’s one of the best films you’ve never seen with some of the best soul covers done by crackers you’ll ever hear.