Boston Tea PartyPeople use every reason imaginable to choose a presidential candidate and then vote for them. Anything from abortion to stem cell research to their stance on the Iraq War and to the environment – it all plays into the decision-making that comes into play as our votes are cast. One thing bothers me, though: not too many people take into consideration what they consume for food and the subsequent impact of this consumption.

Personally, food sourcing and anti-corporate farming are my issues of interest during this race for the presidency. The way I see it, I cast a vote every time I open my mouth to eat something. Food affects almost everything in America. By being conscious of where I get my food, how the food is produced, and who produces it, I am saying to the rest of America, “I am making a choice to support family farms. I am making a choice to help in the restoration of our environment. I am making a choice to support American produced goods. I am making a choice to decrease the use of fossil fuels. I am making a choice to be an American patriot!” Or not.

A Google search of both Hillary Clinton‘s and Barack Obama‘s stance on food-related issues doesn’t reveal much. The most I can find on a specific level are the voting results for the 2007 Farm Bill. However, I have found that Senator Obama has sketched a more cohesive plan for family farmers in reference to his stance on the environment. He also released a statement concerning the recall of 143 million pounds of beef that ended up in many of our nation’s schools for their lunches.

This, though, is not enough.

The impact of food in America reaches far beyond our refrigerators and our local markets. It affects almost everything else we do. It affects everything that happens around us, yet no one really talks about it. Or, they don’t want to talk about it because it is the lynchpin topic and is, by nature, so incendiary that it could take down our entire economic system in a single blow. Fighting for our food and revolting against industrialized production has the power to heave a blow akin to the one hurled by the Boston Tea Party in 1773.

It is that important to me and it should be that important to you.