Persepolis Poster1. Scatter Shock - My days spent as a sales jockey and couch porter/tie-onner at a Detroit-area Sears outlet store parlayed itself into my having a strong aversion to retail outlets that are messy or not organized. Hence, you’ll rarely find me in a Marshall’s, a TJ Maxx, or a Goodwill. However, Rachel Martin of the Bryant Park Project produced a video report, before leaving the show (damn it!), about how Goodwill is finally looking to the hipster doofuses for a marketing edge. We all knew the indie rock kids got their stuff from Goodwill and stores alike way before upscale stores got wind of it. Now, Goodwill has finally decided to do something about this!

2. Persepolis - For the most part, any movie that has a decent Iron Maiden reference will get my attention. Persepolis, an animated film based on Marjane Satrapi‘s graphic novels of the same name, has that and a million more reasons for me to love it. Marjane is a master storyteller – a crafter of hilarious anecdote while fleshing out a darker, more foreboding memoir. Persepolis was released on DVD just a couple weeks ago. I finally got around to watching my copy last night and I am so glad that I did. I suggest everyone spend a couple hours soon to sit and watch this film. Oh, and read her graphic novels, too. They are just as good.

3. Smelling Roses – Ah, vacations. I haven’t taken any kind of vacation in years. Quite possibly, the last trip I took to “get away from it all” might have been back in 2002 or so when I went camping with Delphina in the thumb-area of Michigan. That was fun. Considering my proverbial soda bottle has been threatening to pop as of late, it was decided more-or-less by Kim that I needed to head to Portland to visit my Mom. Therefore, I’m outta here, as they say, on the 23rd and will return on the 30th. I have so much planned already – and, of course, most of it is based around me, my mouth, and food. Lauro Kitchen, Pastini Pastaria, St. Honoré Boulangerie, Pix Patisserie, The Horse Brass, and, of course, Voodoo Doughnuts are all on my itinerary. I’m sure I’ll add some more to the list. I’m also planning to head into a Portland Timbers match as well as a visit to 1st Unitarian Church. And I’m getting around for a mere $20 which gets me an all-zone, 7-day pass to ride their fantastic buses, light rail, and street cars. Can’t beat that! So much to do and such limited time!! Oh, and did I mention my Mom?

4. Crêpes - I’ve been all about crêpes lately. I’ve been making batches and keeping them in the fridge so the kids can snack on them or have them for breakfast. They’re so good and so compact! Strawberries, lemon curd, Nutella – all suitable and delicious fillings! Yum!

5. Le Delicious! – For the first time in my life I am paying attention to the Tour de France. Since I’ve been cycle-focused lately, it makes sense. It also helps that Chipotle has a team in the race and they’re promoting a special burrito called Le Burrito. It’s nothing new or special – naturally-raised chicken, cilantro-lime rice, black beans, tomato salsa, and guacamole. It’s just the preferred burrito of the cycling team. I tried it on the first day of the race and I sent a text to Kim saying, “Le Burrito is le delicious!”