OCMSIt goes without saying that I enjoy music immensely. There are parts of music, however, that I enjoy with an even more deeply consuming interest. The stories behind songs are infinitely compelling to me. I love the lore, the circumstance, and the mere happenstance of the evolution of song.

Today I became aware of the story behind “Wagon Wheel,” a song that I’ve lauded now and again in my various blog entries. It’s a great song all on its own. The first time I merely saw Old Crow Medicine Show play this song on television, I vowed to get their CDs in the next few days. Purchase away I did. I’ve become a devout fan of OCMS – their music and its aesthetic, their integrity and dedication – through this song. The story behind the song, though, has made me even more appreciative of how “Wagon Wheel” caught my attention because of the strange history behind it. It’s been handed down through an indirect line of string players and finally came to rest in the lap of Ketch Secor of OCMS. Thank God it did.

Check out this report from NPR’s Here and Now.

The newest release from Old Crow Medicine Show, Tennessee Pusher, is slated for release on September 23, 2008.