Sub’ Sprawl recording artist Javelins have a CD release coming up at The Belmont (July 26, 2008 – Hamtramck, MI, USA). Heavy Meadows (the album set for release) is fantastic. Here’s a video (featuring a fantastic Built to Spill style guitar solo):

Detroit based Zoos of Berlin released a three song disc a little while back. Any fans of Bowie should give them a listen.

Thunderbirds Are Now! keyboardist Scott Allen has a brand new alt-country band called Big Muscle*. Think Velvet Crush, Old 97s, and Whiskeytown. I saw them open for Copper Thieves this past Friday and absolutely loved ‘em. But without the requisite MySpace page they’re not making it easy to check they’re upcoming schedule. If you happen to know when they’re playing let me know…

Oh, and is finally paying out those royalties they promised earlier this year.

* (8/18/2008) Renamed The Big Mess.