Jesus, CEOThe first open meeting of John McCain and Barack Obama was held at Rick Warren‘s Saddleback Church.

Allow me this one question concerning this: If this were held, say in the Detroit area, where the Muslim population is significant and the nominees were questioned in a Middle Eastern community center, would there be outrage?

I dare say that the fires would still be burning, lit by Americans in arms to an insurgent rise to our core liberties and our freedoms. “Terrorists!” would be the first drops from their poisoned tongues. Terrorists, indeed.

I am outraged. Outraged not only because Saddleback and the represented Evangelical branches of Christianity felt the need to host this first forum, but that they ever needed to do this at all. And, we quiet, shame-faced Americans sit by and let this happen without a single word. America is not Christianity. To have ever even thought that it was proper for a church, especially a mega-church with this cult status (and just because it is a huge church with 22,000 members doesn’t mean that it’s not a street-corner cult), to intervene in our nation’s political process to ask the same, tired, and dried questions regarding “life” appalls me.

Our civics take place on our streets and in our halls of government – not in our churches.