Credit CardsWhen I received the news last night, while working, that Barack Obama chose Joe Biden as his running mate, my throat constricted. All I could think was, “Tim is right! Tim’s been right all along!”

If I have a personal enemy amidst the business world it is the credit industry. Yeah, sure, I’ve had credit problems in the past – who hasn’t? And, sure, some of that has been my fault. I’m a good boy now and don’t have any credit cards. But, there is no dispute that the credit card industry is one of the most visible culprits of our nation’s economic downturn. They sowed the seeds for what has sprouted into a giant, ugly weed feasting on the veins of America’s middle class. We were all duped into thinking credit cards would help us in the end, only to be utterly flayed by their mob-like interest rates and fast-cash fees. I only recently discovered that Citibank acted illegally some years ago when they garnished my mom’s bank account for over a thousand dollars. She is a disabled senior citizen and lives solely on social security. It is illegal to do this. If I’d known at the time, I would have done something about it. But then, when does the credit industry work within the confines of the law or within the ideals of common courtesy?

Did I fail to mention that the credit card industry is one of Joe Biden’s most important constituents?

Say adiĆ³s to big oil and hello to big credit.