Every time the band I’m in books a local show (which is getting more and more infrequent) I inevitably find there’s another show that same night that I want to attend. But usually it’s not the first time in nearly a decade since I’ve last seen a band on the bill, and usually it’s not the last time I’ll probably ever be able to see said band.


Seriously. The Silent Years, Child Bite, and Rescue would (have) never be/been what they are/were if it weren’t for the dissection of Wafflehouse*. Last time I saw them was at Red Shirt Brigade’s1 final show at CPop.

Oddly enough, Al Scheurman (Rescue’s lead guy) is doing a set at our show. Which is quite ironic if you consider what the Detroit indie scene looked like back in 2000-01. I wonder what the rest of the Michigan Hardcore Board is up to that night…

1 A Band with members in Thunderbirds Are Now!, Pas/Cal, Zoos of Berlin, South South Million, The Big Mess, and Friendly Foes