Any longtime reader of this blog will remember my writing partner Cas’s post back in July of 2004. Democrat John Kerry was his party’s pick against an extremely unpopular (as far as we knew) incumbent president. The most motivational speech of the Dems’ convention that year was by a relatively unknown Chicago politician named Barack Obama. Here’s an excerpt from Cas’s post:

I have seen the future of the Democratic Party and his name is Barack Obama. This is a man that is sorely needed by this nation to make sure our country thrives and serves her people. A man of eloquence, intelligence, and wisdom he represents what America is truly about. If there is a person that can set the Democratic Party aflame, it is indeed this gentleman from Chicago.

This blog hasn’t been as active with political posting as in previous elections, but outside the “sphere” we’re just as (if not more) passionate.

I have to be honest with the reader. One main reason keeping me from posting was my pessimism regarding the odds of this country actually voting for (using Cas’s words) an eloquent, intelligent, and wise candidate. I didn’t want to raise hopes just for them to fall flat come 3AM Nov. 5th.

Back in February 2003 me, my wife, and a couple close friends protested against the eventual Iraq invasion. We felt solidarity surrounded by individuals of different faith, creed, color, and political affiliations. The mainstream media covered these protests closely. Mainly because of the sheer massiveness of the event. 6-10 million worldwide, 3 million in Rome alone. These weren’t crazy liberal activists, these were regular citizens, with regular jobs and regular lives. President Bush was questioned afterward whether these immense protests would alter his approach to the inevitable invasion. “I’m [not] going to decide policy based upon a focus group.” Last night as Obama gave his victory speech in front of 100,000, this is what he said: “To those Americans whose support I have yet to earn, I may not have won your vote tonight, but I hear your voices. I need your help. And I will be your president too.”

That’s the attitude the Feb. ’03 protesters were begging for. Just listen to us. We may be “treehugging” Socialists, or “money hungry” Libertarians but that doesn’t mean the President doesn’t have a responsibility to at least listen.

Hopefully Obama will fulfill his promise.