As stated in my previous post, one reason behind my avoidance of political posting this election season was disbelief in America actually electing the intelligent candidate (from the two parties). Another reason is that I didn’t want to harp on Obama’s shortcomings or potentially persuade anyone to sacrifice progressiveness for another term of dangerous Republican policies (“Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran”).

Barack Obama is a centrist. In his campaign he’s relentlessly focused on the middle-class without even a mention of the poor. He’s taken a hard-line stance on the side of Israel (AIPAC) and has snubbed Palestine (and Lebanon) in the process. He wouldn’t allow Jimmy Carter to speak at the DNC for fear of speaking out on the Israel-Palestinian conflict. He was afraid of losing the Jewish vote, and in turn losing Florida. He’s taken more corporate campaign contributions than his Republican counterpart. The old adage “follow the money” should frighten even the most die-hard Democrat. He loosened his stance on building nuclear power plants, offshore oil drilling, and creating new coal burning facilities.

Barack Obama has consistently sacrificed his integrity for votes. Maybe he’s just pandering as a candidate for a chance to progressively lead as President. I don’t know. But these contradictions bring responsibility to America to hold Obama accountable for every decision he makes as Commander-in-Chief. Don’t be complacent. Don’t rest.