SeppukuSince September I’ve watched Wall Street with a careful eye not because I have investments or a 401k that is especially valuable. I’ve watched Wall Street just like I watch people in a crowded room: I watch, assess, then judge.

Today, I’ve come to my judgment and it is as such: we are fighting a war in Iraq, a war in Afghanistan, but America’s most immediate enemies crawl in the green halls of Wall Street.

I watched the DOW tank today when the Senate finally set the stimulus package up for a vote and, judging by Wall Street’s reaction, they are not happy. I am now thoroughly convinced that since September 16, 2008, when the reality of our economy’s fragility came to fruition, Wall Street collectively has sought to usurp control of our country. They knew then that President Bush was headed out and figured that, most likely, Senator McCain was not going to win. Their reaction, mostly knee jerk, was to bail on America knowing full well that the hole they (“they” being big business, lenders, and banks) dug with Americans’ hard-earned dollars was never going to get filled and under an Obama administration it was only going to get worse. Hence, they committed the ancient practice of seppuku; they disemboweled themselves, hurtling America into such economic chaos that it seems likely that, unless President Obama’s stimulus package does indeed work, our government itself may unravel at the hands of obstructionist Republicans sitting at the wretched lap of Rush Limbaugh.

And this, my friends, is what Wall Street wants.

There is a gun pointed at our heads and we’re being held hostage by suits crying about having to make less than $500,000 a year.